My experience as a sequential artist prepared me to work on video projects, from storyboards to full illustrations. I can quickly sketch a visual reference from a script so the client can understand the vision for the video. And from there, I can work in many different styles of illustrations that will fit the client's brand.  
I also have technical knowledge of video editing and the software required, from iMovie to Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. I understand the requirements to make animations, and I can work with Adobe Animate or Adobe After Effects. 
Below are a couple of examples of that work, starting with concept and storyboarding to the final look and feel. I wanted to showcase a few different styles of illustrations from a vector style to hand-drawn.
01 / Archaio
01 /a - Storyboard
01 /b - Artwork
Archaio is the new standard in cloud-based facility, assets inspection and facilities management. The nature of this video was to inform potential prospects on how the technology works. 
The style had to be clean, informative, and engaging. We decided to have a modern vector-based style of illustration with bold colors and simple animation to convey the story effectively. 
01 /c - Video
02 / Rancard Rendezvous
02 /a - Storyboard
02 /b - Artwork
Rendezvous delivers serendipitous, trusted recommendations through conversational AI. The video had to explain how and why to use this new app in a humorous and light-hearted way. To convey how easy it is to use, and how anybody can make it part of your day-to-day, we decided to go with a hand-drawn style. 
Limiting the color palette and simplifying the animation helped shift the focus to the sequence of event and voice explanation without losing the visual interest. The result is a colorful, quirky, and engaging video.
02 /c - Video
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