Working three seasons with the New York Red Bulls was one of the best freelance gigs I could ever ask. That job combined my two greatest passions: soccer and design. I was in charge of the social content during a live match at the Reb Bull Arena.
In constant contact with the team's field photographer, we would coordinate the best shots depending on the game's situation. And when an important event would happen, he would send me a picture of the moment. I had to implement all the house graphics, time of the match, names and numbers, and send it to the social media coordinator, who would then upload to all different social channels. And all that happened live, as scores and penalties, and cards were happening during the game. It was exhilarating.
I also created the end of the game graphic, displaying all the statistics and scores of the game. That simple graphic was very challenging for two reasons. One was that this graphic had to be ready less than a minute after the match was over, so a flexible Photoshop file was vital for this request's success. Two was that it had to look and feel as if it was done in house by their design team. 
This graphic was so successful that, even after my time with the Red Bulls was over, they kept using for a few more years to come.
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