Mark Cavagnero Associates is a San Francisco based architecture firm with a diverse, award-winning portfolio of public, non-profit, and private sector projects.
Since its establishment in 1988, the firm has completed architectural and master planning projects, including large and small scale institutional, non-profit, commercial, and residential projects. The firm provides a full range of services, from programming, master planning, site planning, and conceptual design, through construction documents and administration.
01 / Typography
02 / Colors
03 / Website Design
Less is more. The homepage was designed to showcase the fantastic photography of the projects with minimum interference, creating an immersive experience for the user as if they were inside a digital gallery.
A simple tab shows up on click from “Read More” brings essential information about the project and the call to action to visit that project directly

Every subpage was crafter do follow the same minimalistic style of design. Showcasing the amazing photography of the projects is the primary goal of all the supporting graphics.
04 / Responsive Design
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