Ricky Eisen opened her first eatery in 1979, in midtown Manhattan at 56th Street and Lexington Avenue. With the mission of changing how people perceived what a meal could be in a corporate setting, she completely reinvented the marketplace by replacing stale food options with flavorful, wholesome, and fresh seasonal meals.

For nearly four decades, Between The Bread has been providing New Yorkers with sumptuous locally-sourced food that is unmistakable in its quality and presentation.
01 / Typography
02 / Colors
03 / Custom Illustrations
04 / Photo Direction
05 / Homepage Design
The homepage for Between The Bread was designed to help users first discover all three primary services offered right at the hero banner to convert quickly.
If the user chooses to take a deeper dive, the unique interactivity and visuals queues created in such a way to consolidate the new vision for the brand, guide them through the story. It all comes together with custom illustrations that I designed with the gorgeous photography of their cuisine.
06 / Subpages
07 / Responsive Design
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