BCN Telecom continues to grow its business through robust organic sales activity from its long-standing network of independent sales partner relationships. Utilizing its financial strengths and management capabilities, BCN Telecom also continues to expand its business through strategic acquisition activities.
01 / Typography
02 / Colors
03 / Custom Iconography
04 / Photo Direction
05 / Homepage
I designed the homepage for BCN Telecom to clarify to any user all the service offers they have clearly and objectively. I created natural pathways to follow, and along the user journey, we tell the story of the company that strives to be number one on their field. 

Graphic elements are dispersed throughout the page to start bringing to life the new brand. All that is done without losing sight of the cutting edge, technological and approachable look and feel.

06 / Subpages
07 / Responsive Design
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