BCN Telecom is a privately held telecom service provider with corporate headquarters in Morristown, NJ. Servicing tens of thousands of business customers through an extensive worldwide agent network, BCN offers a broad product and service portfolio, accessing over 65 unique network partners and combining them into a single source telecommunications solution.
01 / Concept
02 / Sketches
03 / Typography
04 / Colors
05 / Final Logo
More than a company mission, BCN's "find simplicity in complexity "drives their business and differentiates them from all their competitors. I used that "one truth" to design their logo, and graphically represent this motto they live by. 
I created the triangles representing the "complex" side of this equation, following the golden ratio, and gave a golden color. In contrast, the big upward new brand blue triangle representing "solution" captures positive attention moving the eyes forward-right.
BNC in bold typography is a statement of the commitment and solidness expected by their clients and partners. The overall look and feel are grounded, contemporary, and trustworthy.
06 / Applications
07 / Applications
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