Anthony George is a high end, to the trade, tile store located in the Hamptons. They specialize in marble and mosaics. They left a mark in the design community by working alongside some of the most well-respected builders and designers in the Hamptons. 
01 / Concept
02 / Inspiration
Wasn't hard to be influenced by the beautiful work that Anthony George produces for their clients' homes. 
Their incredible work was a real source of inspiration for this design.
03 / Sketches
04 / Typography & Color
05 / Final Logo
The challenge for this logo started when I met the company's owner, Anthony Tarack. He is an incredible artist working with mosaics and tiles. His dedication to his work was an inspiration when designing his new brand. Needed to be bold and courageous and, at the same time, precise and timeless - just like his work.
The logo also had to appeal to his upper-class Hampton audience. People who usually have expensive tastes and an eye for design. I was fortunate that his initials could form a tile-like shape using simple geometry. I was a perfect combination that helped architect this logo, which has a solid structure, is grounded and permanent.
06 / Applications
07 / Print and Web Designs
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