AbelCine is a family-owned business founded by brothers Pete and Rich Abel in 1989 as a film camera repair.  Flash forward to today, and AbelCine is widely regarded as one of the companies in the film industry with locations in NYC (HQ), Chicago, and LA. They have a carefully curated selection of products, provide training & education, and are considered thought leaders in the industry for emerging tech trends.  
Their clients range from film students and independent film producers to large Hollywood production companies.  They are an authorized service center for some of the most widely used digital cinema camera companies such as Zeiss and Canon.  They are also just a pleasure to work with and have made the entire collaborative process fun.  Those client-facing team members have pretty much been adopted as part of the AbelCine family.  

01 / Typography
02 / Colors
03 / Homepage Design
I designed a full panel layout that evokes the grand size of this company featuring a beautiful HD quality video for the hero banner. As the user dives deeper, they discover what makes  AbelCine the one-stop-shop for all their cinematographic needs.
04 / Atomic Design
We decided it was better to create a Design System that would allow them to create pages as they needed without sacrificing the design proposed. Utilizing the principles of Atomic Design, this system was carefully crafted by the designers I directed and me. 

The result is a visual library of modules that can be “lego pieced” together and on-brand.  Those modules were designed to fit the 12 column grid that we determined for all subpages. 
Another advantage of this approach is the site's responsive nature, making mobile design and development streamlined, faster, and economical.
05 / Design System
I designed, and art directed the creation of a design system. That includes all details of page creating, from type styles to hover states and effects. The result is an essential comprehensive online guide to be followed by any future designer and developer.
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